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Investment Research

We believe investment research is the cornerstone of a sound investment process. At MainStreet Advisors, we provide our clients with a variety of data-driven investment research tools to help them make informed decisions.

Below are some of the tools and resources that originate from our research process:

For our Automated Portfolio Solutions (APS), Fund Allocation Portfolios (FAP) and Sustainable Leaders (SL), we provide Approved Lists of mutual funds and exchange-traded funds which have been approved by our investment committee. These lists include fund information such as CUSIP, Ticker and historical performance data.
Our individual stock sheets offer a company snapshot for the stocks included in our Large Blend, Dividend Income, Sustainable Leaders and All Cap Separate Account Management portfolios. Stock sheets include information such as business description, company profile, fundamentals and performance history.

Fund sheets are provided for the mutual funds and exchange-traded funds on our Approved List of Funds and include a high level strategy overview, along with fundamentals, performance and key risk measures, allowing comparisons across fund companies, asset classes and security types.
Our model portfolios are available for our Automated Portfolio Solutions (APS), Fund Allocation Portfolios (FAP) and Separate Account Management (SAM) strategies. These model portfolios are designed to meet a broad range of investment objectives.
We maintain Strategic and Tactical Asset Allocations to provide ongoing client support based on current market conditions. Strategic Allocations are long-term targets based on market trends and statistical analysis, while Tactical Allocations are near-term to intermediate-term targets based on current market conditions. We monitor active allocations on an ongoing basis and make changes as necessary.

We believe asset allocation is the most critical determinant of portfolio returns. As such, portfolio rebalancing is utilized to position portfolios for long-term growth in alignment with clients’ investment goals and objectives.
Provided for our Separate Account Management (SAM) strategies, our Portfolio Manager Commentary is a quarterly publication designed to offer insight into our portfolio construction and discuss the performance of each SAM strategy. The commentaries summarize key factors and events driving the market performance of each of our SAM strategies.