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Equity Subcommittee

MainStreet Advisors Equity Subcommittee is responsible for identifying equity candidates for our model portfolios. The Equity Subcommittee utilizes both proprietary and third party research to identify equity candidates.

The goal of our equity selection process is to identify those companies whose stocks sell below their economic net worth. Our investment team identifies securities for portfolio inclusion primarily based on their suitability and upside potential. The team looks to select equities that represent our best ideas in a particular sector. Based on our rigorous analysis, and approval by a quorum of the investment committee, the equity is added to the approved list.

Our equity sell discipline is straightforward.  We will sell an equity:

  • when its price rises to a level where it no longer reflects value (target valuation)
  • that is significantly underperforming
  • when the rationale for initially buying the security is no longer valid, or
  • when alternate attractive opportunities are found

A sector allocation strategy is used as a source of investment advantage. Our top-down research process aims to identify secular, cyclical and structural influences on the markets. This analysis provides the foundation for which our sector allocation targets are based. Each sector is sensitive to different variables and we construct portfolios that are balanced among a variety of market sectors, thus limiting the risks associated with being overexposed to any one sector of the economy.